2022 EMTA Halloween Community Recital

We had 25 students (many in costume!) from 8 EMTA teachers participate in the Halloween recital! Some Crista residents were there to enjoy the music and Julie Currie of Crista provided a nice reception in the library room across from Kings chapel. Thanks to all who were involved! Next community recital is February 11 for Valentines Day!


Crista Community Halloween Recital-EMTA( Edmonds Music Teachers  Association)

The EMTA is a division of MTNA( Music Teachers National Association)  and WSMTA (Washington State Music Teachers Association)

October 29, 2022- 2pm

  1. Madeline Buker- “My Pony” by Faber  & “A Frightful Night” by Mary Leaf
  2. Lucas Bernardi- “Hallelujah” by Martha Mier & “The Worst Ghost” by Elizabeth Greenleaf
  3. Caleb Buker- “Things That Go Bump in the Night” by Melody Bober & “Cossack Ride” by Faber
  4. Ocean Yuen- “Black Cat Attack” by Tracey McKibben
  5. Colin Ip- “Phantom of the Keys” & “Fantasia Con Spirito” by Faber
  6. Avery Higgins- “Pumpkin Boogie” by Faber
  7. Valerie Lopez- “Fur Elise” & “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven (arranged)
  8. Karina Talley- “Do- Re- Mi” by Rodgers (arranged)
  9. Alden Maas- “Simple Gifts”’(Traditional Shaker Song)
  10. Liam Domaoan-  “Canon in D” by Pachelbel (arranged)
  11. Sonia Lenaeus-  “Sonatina” Opus 55 #1 Allegro by Kuhlau
  12. Amogh Kaarthik- “Pumpkin, Pumpkin” by Christine  H. Barden
  13. Auditri Das- “Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree” by Martha Mier
  14. Alaina Buker- “Snowfall” by Faber & “Ghost-rider” by Wynn-Anne Rossi
  15. Roshni Tulsyan-  “Ecossaise in G” by Beethoven
  16. Katie Shirts- “Cruella De Ville” by Bruns and Leven arranged by Faber
  17. Mira Jyoti- “Land of the Silver Birch” & “Vivace”by Faber
  18. Diya  Jyoti- “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri & “Lunar Eclipse” by Faber
  19. Carrot Yuen- “Brush of Autumn” by Robert Vandall
  20. Ellida Klay- “Tarantella” Opus 46 #7 by Stephen Heller
  21. Katharine Mercer- “Ghost in my Locker” by Richard Dillon
  22. Shravan Kumar- “Ghost Tarantella” by Christos Tsitsaros
  23. Rishi Tulsyan- “Musette in D” by Bach                       
  24. Drake Ekdahl- “Sonata in C” K. 545  by  Mozart
  25. Nakul Kumar- “A Ghost with the Blues”  by Walter and Carol Noona

Participating EMTA Teachers —Rick Asher, Mona Elsing- Frances Goei-Jennie Holland -Karin Kajita- Angela Michael-Leilani Montagne- Mary Beth Rogers

Thanks to EMTA member, Jennie Holland for organizing this event.

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