Awards Received by EMTA and EMTA Members

MTNA Foundation Fellows: Foundation Fellowship is awarded to honor individuals who have made substantial contributions to the field of music education in their local communities and communities at large.

                         2007         Marcile Mack

                         2008         Carolyn Malnes & Kent Coleman

WSMTA Chapter of the Year: This award was established in 2006 to recognize those chapters that have made the most significant contributions to the music teaching profession through participation in local, state, and national programs.

                         2015          Edmonds Music Teachers Association

WSMTA Composer of the Year: This award is bestowed annually by the WSMTA Composition Committee, based on an individual’s composition activity in the state and general standard of composition throughout the years.

                         2010          Keva Vaughan-McMorrow

                         2018          Keva Vaughan-McMorrow

WSMTA Hall of Fame Members: The WSMTA recognizes teachers who have provided exceptional support, inspiration, and outstanding contribution to the growth and development of music and music education, both public and private, in the state of Washington.

                          2002         Carolyn Malnes

                          2003          Marcile Mack

                          2010          Warren Kunz