EMTA Membership PhotoIn the summer of 1989, several music teachers met at the home of Carolyn Malnes. All either belonged to the Snohomish County or Seattle chapters of the Washington State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA). Due to their unique location in the southern portion of the Snohomish County, they decided to form a more central and local chapter. In cooperation with state level officials, the Edmonds Music Teachers Association (EMTA) was born.

EMTA Christmas Old

Judith Price, the WSTMA president at the time, presented the new chapter at the district conference held at the Edmonds United Methodist Church in October of 1991. Interestingly, the primary fundraiser for our organization, the Musicianship Festival, is currently held in this facility, along with a workshop and other events that EMTA sponsors for our students and teachers.

Aptly, the chapter is named after the city of Edmonds, the home of its first president, Carolyn Malnes, and the church  where it held its first meeting.

In 1989, the first officers included:
Carolyn Malnes, President
Sonja Berg, Vice President
Susan Hoxter, Secretary
Ardis Ostrom, Treasurer

For the first 3 years, the meetings were held in the home of Carolyn Malnes. Then, they moved to the home of Sonja Berg. Due to the number of members that served as officers in other chapters, a strong core of leaders was crucial to building a solid foundation for the new organization.

EMTA currently has approximately 60 members teaching voice, piano and various orchestral instruments  in our community.