EMTA Membership Photo
A History of EMTA from Carolyn Malnes and Marilyn Droz
In the mid-1980’s several of the Edmonds members belonged to the Snohomish County Music Teacher Association. At that time Snohomish County held Northern and Southern Auditions and Northern and Southern Master Lessons. Several teachers attending the Southern Master Lessons at the Martha Lake home of Sonja Berg began to discuss the possibility of forming a new Chapter.

A meeting was held in August 1989 at the home of Carolyn Malnes with about 17 possible teachers attending. There were some from Snohomish, Eastside, and Seattle Chapters as well as a few teachers from the area who were not affiliated with Washington State Music Teachers Association. At that time, this group of teachers decided to form a new Chapter, more central and local, in the southern portion of Snohomish County. Officers were elected and committees were formed. Carolyn Malnes wrote a Constitution and wrote the petition to the Washington State Music Teachers Executive Board requesting the formation of a new Chapter.

Edmonds held the State District Conference at the Edmonds United Methodist Church in October 1989. Judy Price, Washington State Music Teachers Association President, came from Olympia to present the Chapter with their Charter. Also present were Judy Baker, Everett Vice-President, Carolyn Malnes, Edmonds Chapter President and Edmonds Charter members.

The 1990-1991 Edmonds Music Teachers Year Book records the following first officers:
President – Carolyn Malnes
Vice-President – Sonja Berg
Secretary – Susan Hoxter
Treasurer – Ardis Ostrom

Barbara Brown and Tonya Clark served as first Auditions Chairs. Susan Hoxter and Penny Van Dyck served as first Master Lessons Chair. For the first 3 years, the meetings were held in the home of Carolyn Malnes. Then, they moved to the home of Sonja Berg.

The chapter is named after the city of Edmonds, the home of its first president, Carolyn Malnes, and the church  where it held its first meeting. EMTA currently has approximately 60 members teaching voice, piano and various orchestral instruments  in our community.

Photos from the EMTA 30th Anniversary Celebration


Front Row: Sonja Berg, Tonya Clark, Carolyn Malnes, Penny Van Dyck
Middle Row: Keva Vaughan-McMorrow, Sharon Sommerseth, Debra DeMiero, Suzetta Glenn
Back Row: Marilyn Droz and Ruth Cheever Johnson

2019_09_EMTA30thAnniversary_0021EWPAST PRESIDENTS
Front Row: Ruth Bradshaw, Sonja Berg, Carolyn Malnes, Paula Barta, Naoko Noguchi, Brandi Bassett
Middle Row: Keva Vaughan-McMorrow, Suzetta Glenn, Tina Smith Baller, Cathy Baylor
Back Row:  Current Presidents Mary Beth Rogers and Frances Goei

2020-2022 Mary Beth Rogers
2018-2020 Mary Beth Rogers and Frances Goei
2016-2018 Brandi Bassett
2014-2016 Tim Saye
2012-2014 Maxine Nord
2012-2014 Tim Saye
2010-2012 Cathy Baylor
2008-2010 Ruth Bradshaw
2006-2008 Tina Smith
2004-2006 Naoko Noguchi
2002-2004 Mary Beth Cecil
200-2002 Warren Kunz
1998-2000 Paula Barta
1996-1998 Suzetta Glenn
1994-1996 Keva Vaughan-McMorrow
1992-1994 Sonja Berg
1989-1991 Carolyn Malnes