Congratulations to Allan Park
EMTA Member of the Year 2021-2022

This award is voted upon by the EMTA membership by written ballot at our monthly meeting in May, and then presented to the winner at our monthly meeting in June. It is given to a member who has made significant contributions to the EMTA organization.

Previous Recipients

2020-2021 Laurie McFarland
2019-2020 Valerie Gathright
2018-2019 Dawn Taylor-May
2017-2018 Dr. Peter and Kathy Wolf
2016-2017 Erica Lee
2015-2016 Brandi Bassett
2014-2015 Roxanne Kar
2013-2014 Angela Michael
2012-2013 Marcia Soule
2011-2012 Keva Vaughan-McMorrow
2010-2011 Lisa Maria d’Aquila
2009-2010 Cathy Baylor
2008-2009 Frances Goei
2007-2008 Tim Saye
2006-2007 Ruth Bradshaw
2005-2006 Mary Beth Rogers
2004-2005 Tina Smith
2003-2004 Mary Beth Cecil
2002-2003 Naoko Noguchi
2001-2002 Jolinda Creery
2000-2001 Suzetta Glenn
1999-2000 Warren Kunz
1998-1999 Paula Barta
1997-1998 Sonja Berg
1996-1997 Carolyn Malnes