Why Join A Music Teachers Association?

  • Participate in local chapter events and workshops
  • Engage with music professionals at educational district conferences
  • Become a nationally certified teacher
  • Build relationships with other teachers in your local area
  • Attend annual state and national conferences
  • Receive the scholarly journal, The American Music Teacher
  • Apply for grant opportunities through the MTNA Foundation

How Can I Join the Edmonds Music Teachers Association?

How can the Edmonds Music Teachers Association benefit my students?

Music Artistry Program: A wonderful educational opportunity,  the Music Artistry Program provides students with an opportunity to receive evaluation with a state certified Visiting Artist. Evaluations take place in March.

Community Recitals: Two or three times per year, students have the opportunity to perform for senior citizens, and other local communities.

Musicianship Festival: This springtime festival provides students an opportunity to participate in the Washington State Music Teachers Association Music Literacy Program (formerly called Musicianship Exams). Students enter in multiple events: performance, sight reading, rhythms, technique, ear training, composition, and special projects. All students receive ribbons based on accomplishments.

Scholarships: High school students may apply for the Joan E. Brown Scholarship. Scholarship awarded based on performance or composition (30%), non-musical community activities (30%), musical community activities (30%) and an essay (10%).

Time Era Festival: Traditionally held in November, this festival celebrates the major eras of music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary. We rotate through each of the four, and focus on two per year. Participants receive a certificate.

Young Composers: A statewide program to encourage students to compose their own music. Winners perform at the Annual Student Awards Gala, and the annual WSMTA conference.

Student Teacher Program: The Student Teacher Training Program of WSMTA can be valuable and rewarding. With this program, high school and college students can gain experience in working with young pupils, learning good repertoire and teaching techniques under the guidance of their supervising teachers.