Why Join A Music Teachers Association?

  • Participate in local chapter events and workshops
  • Engage with music professionals at educational district conferences
  • Become a nationally certified teacher
  • Build relationships with other teachers in your local area
  • Attend annual state and national conferences
  • Receive the scholarly journal, The American Music Teacher
  • Apply for grant opportunities through the MTNA Foundation

How Can I Join the Edmonds Music Teachers Association?

How can the Edmonds Music Teachers Association benefit my students?

Music Artistry Program: A wonderful educational opportunity,  the Music Artistry Program provides students with an opportunity to receive evaluation with a state certified Visiting Artist. Evaluations take place in March.

Community Recitals: Two or three times per year, students have the opportunity to perform for senior citizens, and other local communities.

Musicianship Festival: This springtime festival provides students an opportunity to participate in the Washington State Music Teachers Association Music Literacy Program (formerly called Musicianship Exams). Students enter in multiple events: performance, sight reading, rhythms, technique, ear training, composition, and special projects. All students receive ribbons based on accomplishments.

Scholarships: High school students may apply for the Joan E. Brown Scholarship. Scholarship awarded based on performance or composition (30%), non-musical community activities (30%), musical community activities (30%) and an essay (10%).

Time Era Festival: Traditionally held in November, this festival celebrates the major eras of music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary. We rotate through each of the four, and focus on one per year. Participants receive ribbons.

Young Composers: A statewide program to encourage students to compose their own music. Winners perform at the Annual Student Awards Gala, and the annual WSMTA conference.