EMTA Festival and Event Information

The Edmonds Music Teachers Association organizes a number of different local musical events both on our own and in conjunction with the State (WSMTA) and National (MTNA) Music Teachers Associations. Available below is festival, meeting, and event information for EMTA.

EMTA General Meetings 2022

EMTA general meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 10:00AM with the exception of March , July, and August. Meetings are currently being held in person at the Edgewood Baptist Church in Edmonds. Meetings will also be streamed on Zoom. Specific Information about EMTA general meetings is available on the members only general meeting page.

Time Era Festival 2022

13 September – 18 October 2022: Time Era Festival Registration
30 October 2022: YouTube Recordings for Video Submissions Due
6 November 2022: In person performance date
The Time Era Festival was created to help students appreciate the differences between the Baroque (1600-1750), Classical, (1750-1820), The Romantic (1820-1900) and the Modern (1901 to Present). The time period for for 2022 is Modern which includes any composer regarded as Impressionistic or 20th Century. Two formats are allowed, In person performance or YouTube video submissions:
* YouTube performance video format is for students and parents who enjoy the comfort of recording at their home or studio. Feedback will be provided based on the video performance. Videos must be submitted by October 30, 2022.
* In person format is for teachers, students, and parents who enjoy performing and receiving live feedback. The in person festival date is Sunday, November 6, 2022 between 1:00PM and 8:00PM at the Harley Mansion in Everett, WA
* 1 or 2 pieces are allowed
* Total performance time cannot exceed 10 minutes
* Registration fees are $30.00 for up to 5 minutes of playing time and $40.00 for 6-10 minutes of playing time.
2022 Time Era Festival Information Page
2022 Time Era Festival Online Application
2022 Time Era Festival Video Submission Application

EMTA Adult Piano Social 2022

14 November 2022: Adult Piano Social Signup Deadline
17 November 2022: Adult Piano Social at 7:30PM
This is a social evening where EMTA adult students can socialize and/or perform on a wonderful piano in a casual and safe social setting. Partners of adult piano students and their piano teachers are also welcome. For adults who definitely wish to perform, the initial part of the evening will feature performances of adult students and maybe a few piano teachers who have RSVP’d that they wish to perform at this event. We will not be asking audience members to be especially quiet during the performances, these are expected to be casual performances during a social evening. After the scheduled performance, there will be an open piano where individuals who feel like playing can sit down and give it a go. Drinks and some snacks will be provided, but attendees are welcome to bring some nibbles if they are so inclined.

There will be another Adult Piano Social scheduled for April 2023. This event is being organized by EMTA members, Dawn Taylor-May and Amber Saldivar.
Adult Piano Social Information Page for members
Adult Piano Social Signup Form

Music Artistry Program 2023

10 January 2023: Music Artistry Program Registration Deadline
3-4 March 2023: Music Artistry Program for Piano
The Music Artistry Program of WSMTA is a self-supporting annual event developed for students to encourage interest in music and to maintain standards of fine musicianship.
WSMTA Music Artistry Program Information Page
EMTA Member Only Music Artistry Program Information Page is not yet available.

EMTA State Recital Competition 2023

10 January 2023: State Recital Competition Registration Deadline
March 2023: State Recital Competition Performance
The State Recital Competition is a competition to choose EMTA Chapter Representatives for the Washington State Conference Honors Recital and Alternates for the District Honors Recital. The winners are also invited to perform at Edmonds Chapter’s Students Award Gala in June. Winners of this competition will represent EMTA at the Washington State Music Teachers Association Conference. Alternates will be identified and participate in District I Honors Recital.
EMTA Member Only State Recital Competition Information Page is not yet available.

Inaugural EMTA Composition Recital 2023

1-15 January 2023: EMTA Composition Recital Registration
29 January 2023: EMTA Composition Recital
Teachers in the EMTA may submit compositions by their students to be included in this recital on a first-come, first served basis. There is no competition and there are no prizes or awards. The purposes are to encourage students to compose, to experience performances of their music and to offer them the opportunity to hear other students’ work. Each participating student is responsible for providing a finished, rehearsed performance to show to the public. There are no restrictions as to instruments, performers, duration or style. Anyone may be engaged to perform the pieces, including the student, teacher, friends, etc. Up to approximately one hour in total of music will be accepted. An upright piano is in place on the stage. Any other instruments or accessories, such as music stands, must be provided by the composer/performers. Audio visual components may be possible with considerable advance notice. Teachers should contact EMTA member, Susan Hurley, to register their students. This is a free event.
Date and Time: Sunday, January 29, 2023 at 3:00 pm
Location: Third Place Commons Stage, Lake Forest Park

EMTA Community Recital 2023

11 February 2023: Community Recital at 2:00PM

October 2023: Community Recital
The October Community Recital is a chance for students of EMTA teachers to perform in a non-competitive environment. The October Community Recital has a Halloween theme. Students are welcome to play in costume and there will be a popcorn wagon for refreshments. Contact your teacher if you wish to play in this event. This event is being organized by EMTA member, Jennie Holland.
LOCATION: Kings Chapel at Crista

Young Composer Project 2023

February 2023: Young Composer Project Registration Deadline
The Young Composers Project gives students of WSMTA members the opportunity to submit their compositions for judging and comments by qualified adjudicators. This year, for the first time, Washington State teachers will also have the opportunity to submit their own compositions for comments from the adjudicators.
WSMTA Young Composer Project Information

MTNA National Conference 2023

25-29 March 2023: MTNA National Conference in Reno, Nevada
The MTNA National Conference, held annually, brings together the most representative cross-section of the MTNA membership. National competitions feature the outstanding performances of students in all instrument areas, as well as composition. Conferences include master classes, technology and informational sessions, pedagogy sessions, exhibit hall, evening concerts and much more. Members have an opportunity to participate by submitting proposals and papers for presentation.
MTNA Conference Information Page

EMTA Honors Recital 2023

March 2023: EMTA Honors Recital
The EMTA Honors Recital is a special recital for outstanding performers as identified in the Music Artistry Program.
The EMTA Honors Recital Information page is not yet available.

EMTA Musicianship Festival and Music Literacy Exams 2023

3 April 2023: Musicianship Festival Registration Due
5 May 2023: Musicianship Festival Setup
6 May 2023: Musicianship Festival

The EMTA Musicianship Festival is a fun “field day” of musical events. Events include: music performance opportunities, music literacy exams, musical composition submissions, and music projects (including arts and crafts, history, research paper, etc.). The theme for this year’s festival is “Let’s Play Ball”. Please register with your teacher for this fun event.
The EMTA Musicianship Information page is not yet available.
Venue: Edgewood Baptist Church – 20406 76th Ave W, Edmonds, WA 98026

Joan E. Brown Scholarship 2023

11 April 2023: Joan E. Brown Scholarship Application Deadline
20 April 2023: Joan E. Brown Scholarship Auditions
The Edmonds Music Teacher Association, at the discretion of the Executive Board, holds a Scholarship Competition for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students of EMTA members in good standing.  The competition’s purposes are to acknowledge exceptional ability and meritorious accomplishment.  The amount of the financial awards for the competition will be determined by the Executive Board, and will be based on the availability of funds at the time.
EMTA Joan E. Brown Scholarship Information Page has not been updated yet with 2023 information.

District Honors Recital 2023

May 2023: District Honors Recital
Students who have won District Recital honors in their local chapters can participate in the District Honors Recital.

Lois Whitner Study Grant 2023

May 2023: Deadline for WSMTA Lois Whitner Study Grant application
This grant is open to music students currently in grades 8-11 who have studied a minimum of 4 years and whose teachers are members (of at least 12 months standing) of WSMTA. The applicant must have participated in the Music Artistry Program. The applicant will be considered on a basis of financial need and musical commitment.
WSMTA Scholarship Information page

EMTA Student Awards Gala 2023

2 June 2023: Student Awards Gala at 7:00PM
The Student Award Gala is a celebration where outstanding students chosen from the following events perform at an end of the year recital.
* Time Era Festival
* Jazz, Rags, and Blues Festival
* WA State Young Composers Project
* Joan E. Brown Scholarship
* Edmonds Chapter Representatives to the State Conference
Venue: Edgewood Baptist Church – 20406 76th Ave W, Edmonds, WA 98026

WSMTA State Conference 2023

June 2023: WSMTA State Conference
EMTA Representatives chosen at the State Recital Competition will perform at the WSMTA State Conference.


Jazz, Rags, and Blues Festival and Workshop
September 2023

The purpose of this festival is to encourage the exploration of Jazz, Rags, and Blues. The festival will take place in a masterclass setting in which each performer will perform and receive feedback by the adjudicator. Each student will receive a brief written evaluation and achievement certificate. The festival also features a workshop to teach improvisation and jazz techniques.

WSMTA District I and II Conference
October 2023

MTNA and WSMTA Competitions

MTNA Composition Competition
The intent of the composition competition is to encourage creativity and self-expression in student musicians at all levels through the art of composing. WSMTA winners advance to the Northwest Division and possibly to the National Competitions.
MTNA Composition Competition Information Page

MTNA Performance Competition
The three-tiered Junior, Senior and Young Artist Performance Competitions begin with live state competitions. The winners/representatives of each state’s competitions advance to a video-only division competition. Division winners compete in the national finals at the annual MTNA National Conference. The state competitions are considered the primary educational level with the division and national levels showcasing outstanding performance and honoring significant pedagogical achievement. Competitions include Brass (Senior and Young Artist only), Piano, Piano Duet (Senior only) String, Voice (Senior and Young Artist only) and Woodwind.
MTNA Performance Competition Information Page

WSMTA Outstanding Artist Competition
The competition was established in 2005 to provide an additional performance opportunity for talented pianists from Washington state. It runs concurrently with the MTNA Competition, but is not part of the MTNA Competition. The Outstanding Artist Competition (OAC) may serve as a positive initial step for students desiring to compete in the MTNA Performance Competition in future years.
WSMTA Outstanding Artist Competition Information Page