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The Edmonds Music Teacher Association organizes a number of different local musical events both on our own and in conjunction with the State (WSMTA) and National (MTNA) Music Teacher’s Associations. Available below is public information and student forms for EMTA events. More event and forms information for EMTA members is available here.

Events, Forms, and Information for Students

September 2019

MTNA Composition Competition

The intent of the competition is to encourage creativity and self-expression in student musicians at all levels through the art of composing. WSMTA winners advance to the Northwest Division and possibly to the National Competitions. For more information about this competition, please click here.

October 2019

Community Recitals

A community recital will be held at Crista’s nursing home – ask your teacher if you can participate.

November 2019

Time Era Festival

The purpose of this festival is to encourage the exploration of piano music by Baroque/Romantic/Impressionistic/Contemporary Era composers. Each performer will receive an achievement certificate, a brief written evaluation, and an educational, easy going, no pressure “mini lesson” by the adjudicator.

MTNA Performance Competition

For advanced students interested in performance competition, the MTNA Performance Competitions offer that opportunity. The competitions are open to any student who plays at the level of the required music, and are offered at the Junior, Senior, and Collegiate levels. For competition information, click here.

Outstanding Artist Competition

The Outstanding Artist Competition was established in 2005 to provide an additional performance opportunity for talented pianists from Washington state. It runs concurrently with the MTNA Competition, but is not part of the MTNA Competition. This competition may serve as a positive initial step for students desiring to compete in the MTNA Performance Competition in future years. For more information, click here.

February 2020

Jazz, Rags, and Blues Festival

The purpose of this festival is to encourage the exploration of Jazz, Rags, and Blues. The festival will take place in a masterclass setting in which each performer will perform and receive feedback by the adjudicator. Each student will receive a brief written evaluation and achievement certificate.

Northwest Chopin Piano Competition

The Northwest Council of the Chopin Foundation of the United States encourages talented young American pianists to study and perform classical music, especially highlighting the music of Chopin. The NW Chopin Foundation holds a yearly competition featuring the finest youth talent in Washington state. Please find more information about this competition here.

Young Composers Project

The Young Composers Project gives students of WSMTA members the opportunity to submit their compositions for judging and comments by qualified adjudicators. Adjudicators select a first, second and third place composition for each grade level giving written comments.  Certificates are awarded to all participants, and a small monetary prize is awarded to each first place winner.

The evaluation and certificate will be sent to the teacher in early April.

Community Recital

Community recitals will be held at Crista’s nursing home – ask your teacher if you can participate.

March 2020

Music Artistry Program (MAP)

The Music Artistry Program of the Washington State Music Teachers Association is a self supporting enterprise developed to encourage interest in music and to maintain standards of fine workmanship among student musicians. Each student and ensemble will be given a certificate from WSMTA as well as a written evaluation and oral comments from the visiting artist. A parent information sheet is available here. Please contact your teacher to register.

State Recital Competition

The State Recital Competition is a competition to choose EMTA Chapter Representatives for the Washington State Conference Honors Recital and Alternates for the District Honors Recital. The winners are also invited to perform at Edmonds Chapter’s Students Award Gala in June. The adjudicators for this year’s competition are:  Helena Azevedo and Dr. Pei-Hsin Kao. The Washington State Music Teachers Association State Conference Honors Recital will be held in Tacoma on June 19-21, 2019. Alternates will perform at District I Honors Recital in Everett on April 28, 2019.

EMTA Honors Recital

The EMTA Honors Recital is a special recital for outstanding performers as identified in the Music Artistry Program.

April 2020

Ensemble/Concerto Festival

The concerto and ensemble festival was created to teach collaborative music. A musician needs to be versatile, learning accompanying styles, equal parts in duets, appropriate texture in chamber groups and learning to play with an orchestra.

District 1 Non-Keyboard Competition

Non-Keyboard students who have participated in the Music Artistry Program (MAP) events in their local chapter can compete in this competition.

District Honors Recital

Students who have won District Recital honors in their local chapters will gather and perform on the beautiful Steinway grand at the Hartley Mansion in Everett. Reception to be held after the performance.

May 2020

Musicianship Festival and Music Literacy Program

The EMTA Musicianship Festival is a fun “field day” of musical events. Students win a ribbon for each category they enter and can enter up to 12 events. Events include: music performance opportunities, music literacy exams, musical composition submissions, and music projects (including arts and crafts, history, research paper, etc.).

Joan E. Brown Scholarship

The Edmonds Music Teacher Association, at the discretion of the Executive Board, holds a Scholarship Competition for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students of EMTA members in good standing.  The competition’s purposes are to acknowledge exceptional ability and meritorious accomplishment.  The amount of the financial awards for the competition will be determined by the Executive Board, and will be based on the availability of funds at the time. Click here for more information.

WSMTA Lois Whitner Study Grant

This grant is open to music students currently in grades 8-11 who have studied a minimum of 4 years and whose teachers are members (of at least 12 months standing) of WSMTA. The applicant must have participated in the Music Artistry Program. The applicant will be considered on a basis of financial need and musical commitment. More information is available here.

June 2020

Student Awards Gala
The Student Award Gala is a celebration where outstanding students chosen from the following events perform at an end of the year recital.
* Time Era Festival
*Jazz, Rags, and Blues Festival
* WA State Young Composers Project
* Joan E. Brown Scholarship
* Concerto and Ensemble Festival
* Edmonds Chapter Representatives to the State Conference

WSMTA State Conference
EMTA Representatives chosen at the State Recital Competition will perform at the WSMTA State Conference.


High School Credit Program

In many areas of the state, the Applied Music for High School Credit program is well established. It is the goal of WSMTA to work with WMEA members “in the common cause of promoting the highest standards of music education in the public schools and in private studios”. Ask your local teacher if this program is available in your area. More information is available here.

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