November Presenter Spotlight

Rose Freeman is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music who offers classical, composition, pedagogy, and collaborative piano lessons from her home studio in Bothell.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Pedagogy from Whitworth University, is past president of Snohomish County Music Teachers Association, and is the National Certification chair for WSMTA.   It’s her joy to play in the duo, “The Musical Mountaineers,” where she joins violinist Anastasia Allison to play unannounced sunrise serenades from summits in the Cascade Mountains.  Rose invites her students on a personal, intuitive, and creative journey with an approach that fosters connection to their own hearts and the world around them through the practice of music.  It’s her delight to deliver a well-rounded education that equips students to arrive at the piano with curiosity, courage, and freedom.

During this program, “Performance Preparation Toolkit,” Rose invites you to learn approaches that establish confident memorization, efficacious practice routines, and creative mindfulness skills to support your students one month, one week, and one day before an upcoming performance.  She will also share about recent updates to the MTNA Certification program!

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