2023 State Recital Piano Competition Results

The State Recital Competition for piano has concluded. Thank you for preparing your students to perform for our judges. Here are the results:

State Representations (in no particular order) who will perform at the State Conference in June:

  1. Jimmy Huang – Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
  2. Joel Rice – Teacher: Jensina Oliver
  3. Eason Chen – Teacher: Shih-Yi Kuan

Alternates (in no particular order) who will perform at the District Honors Recital on April 29th:

  1. Seth Zeon – Teacher: Mariya Koshkina
  2. Naomi Elsing – Teacher: Mona Elsing
  3. Eleanor Shirts – Teacher: Jensina Oliver

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Jozef Kocaj – Teacher: Roxanne Kar
  2. Allison Lin – Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
  3. Jonathan Kocaj – Teacher: Roxanne Kar

Congratulations to all your students! I will send out details about how to register your students for the State Conference and District Recital later this week. Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.

From Mona Elsing

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