2023 Piano and Voice MAP and Honors Recital

2023 Voice MAP

Voice MAP was a success! The event took place on February 25 at Ruth Bradshaw’s home. We had six students participate, all from Shih-Yi’s studio.

From EMTA VOICE MAP organizer Mary Rose Lieberman

2023 Piano MAP

The 2023 Piano MAP was set for March 3rd, 4th, and 5th, with 23 teachers and over 200 students participating. However there was a near disaster as Visiting Artist Ricardo de la Torre suddenly became too sick to participate. Only a frantic day of rescheduling by Jensina Oliver allowed it to continue–she got Colleen Hunter to length her day, and asked Rick Asher to step in to take some of the time, and even did some Visiting Artist work herself. Many thanks to all.

We must also thank Lisa Maria D’Aquila and Ruth Bradshaw for the use of their beautiful studios and wonderful pianos. Ed McMorrow allowed the use of his Lighthammer Piano Shop and his fantastic rebuilt and modified pianos.

Finally, we thank Angela Michael for helping things to move so smoothly. From a near disaster, all these people helped make it a very successful MAP.

From EMTA MAP organizer Shih-Yi Kuan

EMTA Honors Recital

The ETMA Honors Recitals was held at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on March 12. 23 EMTA teachers participated in MAP and 33 students were chosen by the adjudicators to perform. Cookie and fruit reception was provided. Thank you again to all the volunteers that helped make this event a success!

From EMTA Honors Recital Organizer Marie Wollam-Mergler

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