New Works!

Registration is open from now until January 15th for the inaugural New Works composition festival! This FREE event will be held at the Third Place Commons stage in Lake Forest Park on 1/29 at 3:00 p.m. This is not a competition – just a chance for students to showcase their own works! Each participant should provide a finished, rehearsed performance to show to the public – there are no restrictions as to instruments, performers, duration, or style. Anyone may be engaged to perform the pieces, including the student, teacher, friends, etc. Approximately one hour in total of music will be accepted for the performance. There is an upright piano at the venue – other instruments or accessories (including music stands) must be provided by the student or teacher. The event should last about an hour and should be a wonderful chance for students to compose, perform, and hear other students’ work!

Questions should be sent to Susan Hurley at .

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