Upcoming Changes to “Find A Teacher” on the EMTA Website

New guidelines for the “Find A Teacher” portion of the EMTA Website have been approved by the EMTA Board at their January meeting. These new guidelines have been approved to standardize our EMTA Teacher Ads for every member and to improve the viewing experience for our website users.These new guidelines will be put into effect by the EMTA Webmaster in the next few months. Please contact Dawn Taylor-May if you have any questions about these new guidelines at emtawebmaster@gmail.com and/or to revise your current teacher listing.

Please note: All of our previous teacher ads that don’t meet the new guidelines will need to be revised.

New Guidelines:

1. Every EMTA member is listed under the “Find A Teacher” portion of the website unless they have specifically requested to opt out. Only email contact information will be provided. No phone numbers or personal addresses will be made public.

2. Every EMTA member will be initially listed in the geographical area of their residence as provided in their membership application. Members may be listed in up to two other geographical areas by request to the EMTA webmaster.

3. An initial default image will be put on the website for each EMTA teacher. Teachers are encouraged to provide a suitable personal image, but please be aware it will be cropped into a square image for the website.

4. A small blurb of 50 words or less can be added to each teacher listing. Please email the webmaster with your “ad” text. 

5. Websites and social media listings for each teacher can also be included, please provide the EMTA webmaster with this information.

6. The “studio openings available” tag will be removed from all teacher listings. 

7. The format for each teacher ad will include:


     Name (including whether a teacher has received NCTM certification)

     Area(s) of instruction

     Website or social media information if available

     Small blurb describing their studio

Here is an example:

Dawn Taylor-May
Area(s) of Instruction:
Email: dawntm.piano@gmail.com
Website: https://dawntm-piano.com
It’s never too late to learn to play the piano! I specialize in adult piano lessons where you learn the piano at your own pace and play music you love. My adult piano lessons have reasonable rates, flexible lesson scheduling, plus social and performance opportunities. Free first lesson. 

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