Noteworthy – December 2022

General Meeting Tuesday December 13, 10 a.m. – Edgewood Baptist ChurchNo Zoom this month!

You are all invited to our special holiday celebration this coming Tuesday!  We’ll have a quick general meeting and then get to the fun! There will be refreshments provided, conversation, an optional gift exchange, and (of course) music! 

For the optional gift exchange: please bring a wrapped music sheet or book – ideally something you love and would like to introduce to another teacher. Include your name so the recipient can talk to you about it if they’d like!


Thank you to Laurie McFarland for the beautiful curtain raiser at our November meeting; and to Rose Freeman for the wonderful ideas on preparing our students for performance!

Board Meeting Bullet Points – December 6, 10 am          –         Next meeting: 1/3/23, 10 a.m.

  • The board offered feedback on some options for a new logo as presented by a subcomittee. Look for more information on this in the new year!
  • The board has tentatively scheduled a long-range planning meeting in January to discuss the future of EMTA
  • Our Holiday Celebration meeting would be a great time to catch up with old friends! Please feel free to invite any former members (or potential members!) to join us for this fun EMTA community time!

MAP Information

The Music Artistry Program registration is now open – please encourage your students to participate!  Our event’s registration deadline is 1/10/2023. Our MAP will be held on 3/3/2023 – 3/5/2023.  Our Visiting Artists will be Carrisa Cox, Ricardo de la Torre, and Laura Dean.

After you finish registering your students on WSMTA’s website, please remember to send the Chapter Student/Teacher Fee of $5.00 per Student/Teacher.  The check should be paid to EMTA and mailed to:  Shih Yi Kuan

Please note the following:

  1. Please book time slots longer than 2x the playing time.  If you are unsure, please err on the generous side.  Students may be cut off at half time to allow for feedback.  Teachers: please do not ask Visiting Artists to allow the entire time slot for playing; that could be interpreted as disrespectful.  
  • One event per order (checkout).  If you have students in several MAP events, please keep the students separated by event.  We need to track the income and expenses for each event separately. 
  • Teachers must register for consultation for every event their students participate in.
  • You may register in MAP events that are outside of your chapter.  If your chapter does not offer a voice event, you may register in another voice event nearby.  Please contact the MAP Chair of the event in advance, so you are on their email contact list. 
  • Send Student Chapter Fee/Teacher Chapter Fee separately to your Chapter MAP Chair.  Our online registration system does not collect Student Chapter Fee or Teacher Chapter Fee.  The fee is $5 per student/teacher and should be paid to EMTA and mailed to Shih-Yi Kuan.
  • We are unable to refund fees due to illness or cancellation.  Instead, you may substitute students or re-distribute the time slot for other students in your studio.

Time Era Festival Medals

Dear Teachers, if your students were awarded a medal at the Time Era festival but you did not attend the November meeting, please, pick up your medals at my house. Text or call first 719-649-4292. Thanks! Yelena Balabanova

Upcoming Events Calendar

***Please visit the website for our full calendar! EMTA Calendar – Edmonds Music Teachers Association***

Music Artistry Program

              Chairpersons:                Shih-Yi Kuan, Piano                    –            Mary Rose Lieberman, Voice                                 

The Music Artistry Program of WSMTA is an annual event to encourage students’ interest in music and to maintain standards of fine musicianship.

              1/10/23 – Registration Deadline

              2/25/23 – Voice Music Artistry Program – Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church

(Our hosts request everyone wear masks except while singing!)

              3/3/23 – 3/5/23 – Piano Music Artistry Program

              3/18/23 – EMTA MAP Honors Recital (Piano & Voice)

State Recital Competition – Piano                                                                                            Chairperson: Mona Elsing

This is a competition to choose EMTA Chapter Representatives for the Washington State Music Teachers Association Conference Honors Recital.  The Alternates will participate in the District I Honors Recital. The winners are also invited to perform at Edmonds Chapter’s Students Award Gala in June. Entrants must be under the age of 19 and perform 2 solo pieces from memory at MAP. The time limit is 5 minutes and the entry fee is $35.

              2/14/23 – Registration Deadline

              3/11/23 – Competition, Faith Lutheran Church in Seattle

Composition Recital                                                                                                                       Chairperson: Susan Hurley

EMTA teachers may submit compositions by their students to be included in this recital on a first-come, first served basis. There are no prizes or awards. This FREE event is intended to encourage students to compose, perform, and to hear other students’ work. Each participant should provide a finished, rehearsed performance to show to the public – there are no restrictions as to instruments, performers, duration, or style. Anyone may be engaged to perform the pieces, including the student, teacher, friends, etc. Approximately one hour in total of music will be accepted for the performance. An upright piano is in place on the stage; any other instruments or accessories must be provided by the composer/performers. Audio visual components may be possible with considerable advance notice. 

              1/15/23 – Composition Recital Deadline

              1/29/23, 3:00 p.m. – Composition Recital – Third Place Commons Stage, Lake Forest Park

Valentine’s Community Recital                         –                                     King’s Chapel, Crista (Courtyard Assisted Living)

Chairperson: Jennie Holland, 206-794-9771                                                    19327 Kings Garden Dr N, Shoreline, WA 98133

              2/10/23 – Registration Deadline

2/11/23, 2:00 p.m. – Valentine’s Community Recital (cookies, coffee, and cocoa served after the performance!)

Young Composers Project

              2/22/23 – Registration closes, Submissions due

Musicianship Festival

Check out all the newest information about the EMTA Musicianship Festival in May! Please click the link for the article!

Adult Piano Social

The fall EMTA Adult Piano Social was held on November 17th at the studio of Dawn Taylor-May. The event was very well-attended and everyone seemed to enjoy hearing live performances in a casual and friendly setting. This event was organized by EMTA members, Dawn Taylor-May and Amber Saldivar.

The next Adult Piano Social will be held in April 2023.

From the EMTA Archives

December Brunches, 1989-1999

EMTA’s first two December Brunches (1989 and 1990) were held at the home of Joan E. Brown. Hand-typed and photocopied meeting announcements for December Brunches Tuesday, December 12, 1989, and the next year, December 13, 1990, are preserved in the “Memories Scrapbook.” Included were an invitation for members to perform, Carolyn Malnes’ contact information, Potluck food assignments, Joan Brown’s address and directions, as well as a notice of the availability of Piano Auditions (now MAP) Information.

Photos from the 1990 Brunch at Joan Brown’s show various members and performers, as well as one-month-old Garrick McMorrow being held in separate photos by his mom, Keva, as well as Joan Brown and Mrs. Brown.

Early EMTA December Philanthropy can be found on a January 3,1998 acknowledgement from the Edmonds Police Department. We donated to the Edmonds Police Officers Christmas Fund for needy families.

  • Information taken from “Memories” Scrapbook, 1986-1998. Submitted by Marilyn Droz, NCTM, EMTA Historian.

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