First Annual Student Composition Recital

New Works!

First Annual Recital of Original Compositions by Students of

The Edmonds Music Teachers’ Association

A Local Chapter of Washington State Music Teachers’ Association

Sunday, January 29, 2023, 3:00 pm

Lake Forest Park Town Center


The Waves – Caleb Buker, piano – Caleb Buker

The Witch’s Lair – Elaina Mergler, piano – Elaina Mergler

The Tailwagger – Madeline Buker, piano – Madeline Buker

Sadness and Despair – Jeffrey Pettijohn, piano – Jason Suzuki

Frogs on a Lily Pad – Ponte Tardif, piano – Ponte Tardif

Magic – Anarghya Nayak, piano – Anarghya Nayak

Warrior Cats – Lillian Mergler, piano – Lillian Mergler

Potato Boogie – Alaina Buker, piano – Alaina Buker

Unicorn Party – Chloe Mergler, piano – Chloe Mergler

Storm Coming In – River Peirce, piano – River Peirce

Lillies in the Storm – Jayce Brown, piano – Jayce Brown

BackUP – Jeffrey Pettijohn, piano – Jeffrey Pettijohn*

*Teacher Member of EMTA

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