President: Brandi Bassett

Past President: Tim Saye

Vice President: Mary Beth Rogers & Frances Goei

Secretary:  Tamara Wagle

Treasurer: Laurie McFarland


Music Artistry Program (formerly Adjudications)(Piano): Angela Michael & Frances Goei

Adjudications (Voice): Shih-Yi Kuan

Organizes adjudications, arranges schedules and locations and informs members of details.

Annual Student Awards Gala: Keva Vaughan-McMorrow

Organizes event details, informs membership and students and arranges refreshments.

Child Care: Marcia Soule

Arranges to have two childcare providers at each meeting where a nursery is available. Works with the facility to make sure the nursery is unlocked and cleaned up. Works with treasurer to make sure childcare providers are paid.

Certification: Cathy Baylor

Answers inquiries, assists and encourages individuals desiring certification. Stays apprised of current MTNA Certification rules and procedures.

Communications: Valerie Gathright

Gathers, complies develops, and edits Noteworthy, the newsletter for EMTA. Gathers information by the 25th of each month; creates and distributes the online newsletter to the membership prior to the board and general meetings. As required, forwards any email messages that are to go out to all members. Attends all board meetings.

Community Recitals: Allan Park

Sets dates and arranges for recitals to be held at various venues in the community. Responsible for teacher sign-ups for their students and for facilitating and arranging the program.

Ensemble/Concerto Festival: Yelena Balabanova

Organizes adjudicators, arranges schedules and locations, and informs members of details.

Historian: Carolyn Malnes

Keeps Chapter Scrapbook updated. Attends EMTA functions as able; takes photographs and/or collects photographs from other members to add to group photo history. This may include digital photos.

Holiday Outreach: Pat Karlick

Asks members to bring holiday gifts for children to December potluck; provides letter of gift ideas and instructions. Coordinates with “Pathways for Women” of the YWCA and delivers the gifts.

Honors Recital: Jennie Holland

After Adjudications, gathers names of Honor Recital Performers, teachers, title of piece, length of piece, composer, and level of playing ability. Creates program and distributes copies at recital. If willing, hosts Honors Recital Program.

Hospitality: Bonnie Thomas & Judi Cook

Comes a few minutes early to meetings to greet members as they arrive, answer their questions, and encourages their participation. Welcomes new members and introduces them to Membership Chairperson. Writes notes of congratulations, bereavement, etc., to EMTA members.

Librarian(s): Tamara Wagle

Orders, receives, organizes, and maintains new and gifted resources and makes them available to the EMTA membership. Manages donated book sales as necessary.

Magazine Subscriptions: Kathy Wolf

Collects money from and places orders for our members for music magazines that offer a discount for group subscriptions. Distributes group order magazines at the monthly general meeting

Membership: Janice Park

Disseminates information to prospective members, collects member forms and dues, forwarding them to WSMTA. Receives and files members’ info, distributes certificates, maintains records, coordinates with the Communications Chair and Webmaster for updated member lists. Organizes new member recruitment activities and New Member Luncheon.

Musicianship Festival: Roxanne Kar

Organizes the Musicianship Festival. Secures a venue, solicits committee members for all festival activities, distributes and collects registration forms and fees, facilitates all committee work before and on the day of the festival.

Newsletter: See “Communications.”

Programs: Mary Beth Rogers & Frances Goei

As a duty of the Vice President, provides speakers and program topics for general meetings. This involves phoning, mailing letters, and introducing speakers. A thank you note is written to the speaker after their engagement.

Publicity: See “Communications.”

Refreshment Coordinator: Naoko Nakamura

Facilitates the work of the monthly refreshment providers. Stores, purchases, and brings paper products to the meeting for serving refreshments. Arrives early to the meeting to make coffee/tea and help set up the refreshment area.

Scholarships: Mary Beth Rogers & Bonnie Thomas

Committee administers any scholarships awarded by the Chapter, including the Joan E Brown Scholarship. Monitors current scholarship policies. Recommends policy changes and submits a written report to the Board annually.

State Recital Competition: Naoko Noguchi

Contacts adjudicators, arranges schedules, and organizes State Recital Competition. Informs members of details.

Time Era Festival: Allan Park

Organizes the festival – arranges place and time, finds adjudicator, draws up repertoire list, and schedules students. Administers finances (receipts and expenditures), and coordinates the event between students, EMTA teachers, and adjudicator.

Webmaster: Janice Park

Maintains the website and incorporates any changes regarding chapter and teacher information. Attends all Board Meetings.

Workshop: Keva Vaughan-McMorrow

Organizes, arranges, and plans for facility, speaker, topics and publicity for EMTA Workshop to be held at least once every other year.

Music Literacy Program (formerly called WSMTA Music Examinations): Cathy Baylor

Works with Musicianship Festival Chair to administer Music Examinations at annual Musicianship Festival. Acts as liaison with WSMTA. Answers membership questions about exams. Coordinates and conducts training sessions for examinations adjudicators. Works with Scoring Room Coordinator to record final scores. Distributes all final paperwork to members and WSMTA.


Updated January 16, 2018