State Honors Recital March 2021
Congratulations to the following students and teachers:

EMTA Representative: Eason Chen, Teacher- Shih-Yi Kuan
EMTA Representative: Ruohan Huang, Teacher- Yelena Balabanova
Alternate 1: Nicolette Yan, Teacher- Yelena Balabanova
Alternate 2: Freya Frahm, Teacher- Mona Elsing
Honorable Mention 1: Tobin Kar- Roxanne Kar
Honorable Mention 2: Sophia Frahm, Teacher- Mona Elsing
Honorable Mention 3: Eleanor Shirts, Teacher- Frances Goei
Honorable Mention 4: Joel Rice, Teacher-Jaime Davis

The Representatives will participate in WSMTA State Conference Honors Recital in June and the Alternates will participate in District I Honors Recital in May. Thanks to Dr. Judith Widrig and Judy Baker, NCTM for judging this competition. Thanks to Carrie Kahler (WSMTA) and Naoko Nakamura for their technical assistance to make this video competition a success.