The Hybrid 2022 Musicianship Festival was a great success. Thanks to EMTA festival organizing team members: Frances Goei, Amber Saldivar, Roxanne Kar, Brooke Shirts, and Dawn Taylor-May. There were also 50+ volunteers who worked tirelessly on May 7, 2022. At least 20 teachers from our EMTA chapter were involved in this event.

This year, the Musicianship Festival (EMF) was a hybrid event. Solo performances (up to 3) and Compositions were be judged by videos. All 5 MLP (Music Literacy Program) exams, Ensemble performances and projects were judged in-person on May 7, 2022. Two teachers on zoom judged pre-recorded videos from students submitted through YouTube. Other teachers judged the live Ensemble Performances, MLP Exams, and Projects in person. Some teachers and other volunteers ran the Scoring Room and helped out as door monitors for the exam rooms.

Photos from our hybrid 2022 Musicianship Festival

Festival Highlights

  • 44% of all students taking the theory tests scored 96% or higher. This list will be posted in the WSMTA September Clarion newsletter. Students received state seals and a large yellow rosette ribbon.
  • This was the first time some students had played live in 3 years!
  • One of our festival students received ribbons as an accomplishment for the first time ever.
Amogh Kaarthik received 100% on all 5 of the MLP exams. Amogh is a student of EMTA teacher, Mary Beth Rogers.
Hana Dau submitted this Heart of Music project at the festival. She received a Transcendental ribbon for her outstanding piece of art. Hana is a student of EMTA teacher, Valerie Gathright.

Students receiving 96% or higher on MLP exams

Teacher: Brandi Bassett
Jane Bassett (Level 2), Frank Yu (Level 5), and Nicole Ivie (Level 6)

Teacher: Valerie Gathright
Amelia Lucas (Level 1), Ada Pembroke (Level 1), Penelope Funakoshi (Level 3), and Annabelle Dau (Level 5)

Teacher: Frances Goei
Madeline Buker (Level 1), Colin Ip (Level 1), Inga Marston (Level 1), Isabel Marston (Level 1), Khloe Chen (Level 2), Paysen Hwang (Level 2), Annie Marston (Level 2), Caleb Buker (Level 3), Alaina Buker (Level 4), Julia Dysings (Level 7) and William Shirts (Level 7)

Teacher: Jennie Holland
Dina Samuel (Level 2), Diya Jyoti (Level 3), and Mira Jyoti (Level 3)

Teacher: Dr. Susan Hurley
Natalie Hansen (Level 3)

Teacher: Roxanne Kar
Jozef Kocaj (Level 4), Ian Kinsella (Level 6) and Tobin Kar (Level 10)

Teacher: Mariya Koshkina
Seth Zeon (Level 4) and Kathryn Holland (Level 5)

Teacher: Laurie McFarland
Asha Rahl (Level 1), Noah Kim (Level 2), Sam Hazen (Level 3), Aden Hitchcock (Level 3), Tressa Knight (Level 3), Samuel Lambert (Level 3), Danny Buchholz (Level 4), Ben Hazen (Level 4), Juhee Kim (Level 4), Elowen Martin (Level 4), Quinn Martin (Level 4), Mabel Hume (Level 5), Zoe Vance (Level 5), and Echo Vance (Level 7)

Teacher: Mary Beth Rogers
Shivesh Baskar (Level 1), Ken Chaivirat (Level 1), Amogh Kaarthik (Level 1), Tal Kandilige (Level 2), Nithya Padamati (Level 2), Bavanth Rajasekar (Level 2), Emily Lee (Level 3), Kadhir Mahendran (Level 3), Shrihari Sakthi (Level 3), Auditri Das (Level 4), Nakul Kumar (Level 4), Shravan Kumar (Level 4), and Amogh Babu (Level 5)

Teacher: Amber Saldivar
Penelope Benn (Level 2), Ivy Miller (Level 2), Lucja Tucka (Level 2), Cora Abbott (Level 3), Maddy Camper (Level 3), Vincent Laviste (Level 3), and Anthony Leone (Level 3)

Teacher: Brooke Shirts
Vincent Ariano (Level 1), Cayden Matthews (Level 1), Dominic Ariano (Level 2), Daniel Call (Level 2), Oliver Koenig (Level 2), Ethan Shen (Level 2), and Emily Shen (Level 5)