EMTA hosted a wonderful Virtual Jazz, Rags, and Blues (JRB) Festival and Workshop on February 6, 2021. Thanks so much to our fantastic adjudicator, Kirk Marcy and master clinician, John Sanders, and also to EMTA event organizers, Valerie Gathright and Cathy Baylor. We had some fantastic performances this year and would like to congratulate our JRB Festival Award Winners.

Best of Festival:
Tilman Seide, EMTA Teacher – Yelena Balabanova
Jayce Brown, EMTA Teacher – Marie Wollam-Mergler
Selah Lee, EMTA Teacher – Miji Yoo

Gold Seals:
Inez Ko, EMTA Teacher – Miji Yoo
Elyse Kim, EMTA Teacher – Miji Yoo
Ethan Kim, EMTA Teacher – Miji Yoo
Tiangshen Yin, EMTA Teacher – Miji Yoo
Zoe Luo, EMTA Teacher – Miji Yoo
Jaden Shan, EMTA Techer – Yelena Balabanova
Brian Wu, EMTA Teacher – Yelena Balabanova
Chloe Mergler, EMTA Teacher – Marie Wollam-Mergler
Logan Lai, EMTA Teacher – Valerie Munns Gathright
Soraya Fulcher, EMTA Teacher – Kaitlin Wick
Adrian Lewinsohn, EMTA Teacher – Frances Goei
Pranali Bendale, EMTA Teacher – Mary Beth Rogers