Roxanne Kar at her Musicianship Festival Command Center

The 2021 Virtual Musicianship Festival was held on May 15, 2021. Our own indomitable Roxanne Kar headed the virtual festival from her tech command center along with her amazing support team of Frances Goei for MLP exams, Brandi Basset for scheduling, and Dawn Taylor-May doing online signups and tech support as well as many other teacher and student volunteers. It was a big achievement to hold this festival virtually.

We had approximately 96 students enter the Virtual Musicianship Festival. More than 200+ performances (solo and ensemble) were submitted by May 1st and judged on May 15. Special thanks to all our student volunteers who helped make the festival such a success. Thanks also to our performance judge teams: Mary Beth Rogers and Jaime Davis, Jennie Holland and Susan Hurley, Allan Park and Marilyn Droz, and Valerie Gathright and Dr. Yelena Balabanova. There were lots of blue ribbons given and great comments on the scoring sheets.

Our selection committee consisting of Bonnie Thomas, Dawn Taylor-May, and Mary Beth Rogers adjudicated the Best of Festival in the performance category. Congratulations to all of these students.
Eleanor Shirts (student of Frances Goei)
Ena Hadzikadunic (student of Roxanne Kar)
Tobin Kar (student of Roxanne Kar)

Three Music Literacy Tests were given with about 85+ students participating in each category: Rhythm, Technique and Theory. Again, thanks to the MLP judges: Mary Beth Rogers, Valerie Gathright, Marilyn Droze, Laurie McFarland and Frances Goei. Theory Room monitors were Allan Park, Judi Cook, Valerie Gathright and Frances Goei.

Our students not only performed wonderfully for the Festival, but also did very well on their Music Literacy Exams. Below is a list (by teacher) of students who scored 94% and higher on their theory tests. All these students received the large yellow rosette and a State seal in their packets. Students with 98% or higher received High Honors and their names will appear in the WSMTA (Washington State Music Teacher Association) June Clarion Newsletter.

Carlos Perez 98% Level 1
Rebecca Ivie 98% Level 2
Shreyas Bulusu 100% Level 3
Nicole Ivie 97% Level 4

Frances Goei:
Caleb Buker 96% Level 2
Alaina Buker 94% Level 3
Suvanny Ives 96% Level 4
Oscar Clingenpeel 99% Level 6
William Shirts 99% Level 6

Laurie McFarland:
Noah Kim 100% Level 1
Felix Schaber 96% Level 1
Samuel Hazen 99% Level 2
Benjamin McFarland 98% Level 2
Juhee Kim 100% Level 3
Benjamin Hazen 98% Level 3
Evan Yamamoto 97% Level 4

Mariya Koshkina:
Seth Zeon 97% Level 3

Mary Beth Rogers:
Ananya Kalisetti 100% Level 1
Tal Kandilige 100% Level 1
Nithya Padamati 100% Level 1
Bavanth Rajasekar 100% Level 1
Prerna Juturi 100% Level 2
Emily Lee 100% Level 2
Nandha Mahendran 100% Level 2
Auditri Das 98% Level 3
Charvi Juturi 97% Level 3
Zaine Kandilige 100% Level 3
Nakul Kumar 100% Level 3
Shravan Kumar 100% Level 3
Amogh Babu 100% Level 4
Anvitha Babu 99% Level 4
Bavishya Rajasekar 95% Level 4
Sydney Casperson 94% Level 5
Harish Baskar 98% Level 6

Roxanne Kar:
Keanne Kar 95% Level 2
Jozef Kocaj 97% Level 3
Logan Wardell 100% Level 4
Gideon Brady 97% Level 5
Tobin Kar 98% Level 9

Susan Hurley:
Natalie Hansen 100% Level 1
Penelope Long 94% Level 2
Alan Vedal 97% Level 3

Valerie Gathright:
Laurel Bjur 98% Level 3
Hana Dao 98% Level 3
Annabelle Lai 98% Level 3

Thanks to a wonderful group of people for grading all the theory tests and helping put together packets: Judi Cook, Mariya Koshkina, Tamara Wagle, Eleanor Shirts (student), and Frances Goei. A huge thanks to Stephanie Goei, for writing names, etc. on over 1000 ribbons and Harry Zhang for finalizing all the packets and counting all the ribbons.

Eleven compositions were submitted and judged by Rick Asher and Keva Vaughan-McMorrow. Congratulations to Best of Festival Winners for Composition:
Janelle Ekpo (student of Frances Goei)
Joel Rice (student of Jaime Davis

In addition, Valerie Gathright organized a very fun virtual game room with our student volunteers for our students on the day of the festival. There were also many music related projects submitted as part of the festival.