Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Time Era Festival and congratulations to all of our award winners.

Chairpersons: Dr. Yelena Balabanova and Allan Park
Online Registration period: September 1st to October 24th, 2021
Adjudication period: October 29, 30 and 31st.
Time Period: Romantic (Impressionists era also welcome)
Adjudicator: Dr. Christopher Hahn

The purpose of Time Era Festival is to encourage the exploration of
piano music by the chosen era of music. This year’s festival will
explore Romantic and Impressionist composers.

Age Division 8 and Under

GOLD, Best of Festival
Alvin Lee, Teacher: Allan Park
“Impromptu in A flat, Op. 29” by Frederic Chopin

Melba Williams, Teacher: Susan Hurley
Brandon Yang, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova

Yu Yan Perrie Lam, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
Brian Wu, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova

Audrey Gillin, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
Yura Gillin, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
Lillian Mergler, Teacher: Marie Wollam-Mergler
Paysen Hwang, Teacher: Frances Goei

Age Division: 9 and 10

GOLD, Best of Festival
Jimmy Huang, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
“Four Sketches Op. 15. No. 4, Fire-Flies, Op. 15 No. 4” by Amy Beach
“Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand Op. 9, Op. 9” by Alexander Scriabin

Caiden Kim, Teacher: Allan Park
Gavin Xi, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova

Inez Ko, Teacher: Allan Park
Ted Yun, Teacher: Allan Park

Abigail Chow, Teacher: Kristine Yang
Andrew Kim, Teacher: Allan Park
Laurel Bjur, Teacher: Valerie Gathright
Yiling Sun, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
Jane Kwon, Teacher: Allan Park
Kevin Wang, Teacher: Tanya Otto

Age Division: 11 and 12

GOLD, Best of Festival
Nicolette Yang, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
“Prelude in G-flat, Op. 23 No. 10” by Rachmaninoff
“Waltz, Op. Posthumous” by Chopin

Andrew Burrows, Teacher: Kathy Wolf

Alexander Vollmer, Teacher: Allan Park
Kevin Fan, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova

Anvi Babu, Teacher: Mary Beth Rogers
Logan Lai, Teacher: Valerie Gathright
Penelope Funakoshi, Teacher: Valerie Gathright
Seth Zeon, Teacher: Mariya Koshkina

Age Division: 13

GOLD, Best of Festival
Allison Lin, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
“Prelude in G-flat Major, Op. 23” by Sergei Rachmaninoff
“Intermezzo in B-flat minor, Op. 117” by Johannes Brahms

Abhinav Iyer, Teacher: Tanya Otto
Owen Wu, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
Melanie YuTong Liu, Teacher: Allan Park

Janelle Ekpo, Teacher: Frances Goei
Ruohan Huang, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
Trinity Yun, Teacher: Allan Park

Rachael Ing, Teacher: Tanya Otto
Sydney Tang, Teacher: Cathy Baylor

Age Division: 14

GOLD, Best of Festival
Courtney Tam, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
“Un Sospiro, S.144, no.3” by Franz Liszt

Jason Nam, Teacher: Allan Park

Elaina Mergler, Teacher: Marie Wollam-Mergler
Jamie Kwon, Teacher: Allan Park
Kayla Suherman, Teacher: Allan Park
Nakul Kumar, Teacher: Mary Beth Rogers

Humphrey Ye, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
Zaine Kandilige, Teacher: Mary Beth Rogers

Age Division: 15+

GOLD, Best of Festival
Lucas Tam, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
“Nocturne in C-sharp Minor Op. 27, No.1” by F. Chopin
“Etude No.5 Pour les Octaves” by Claude Debussy

Andrew Jiang, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova
John Meneses, Teacher: Allan Park

Forrest Aubrey, Teacher: Keva Vaughan-McMorrow
Minjae Kim, Teacher: Allan Park
Kathryn Holland, Teacher: Mariya Koshkina
Eva Aw, Teacher: Yelena Balabanova

Amogh Babu, Teacher: Mary Beth Rogers
Rishitha Ravi, Teacher: Allan Park