Student Highlight: Dr. Thomas

In our community, we have so many wonderful student musicians. Every month, we take time to get to know one or two, and find our more about them and their musical journey. 

“This is Thomas. He is a retired doctor of physical medicine and has been studying with me for about a year.  Since he began, he’s joined the Sno-King Community Chorale and now sits on the board of that organization.  Joining a choir has many benefits for people in their retirement years, and he  really enjoys it.” – Malya Muth, voice teacher


An Interview with Thomas

What motivated you to take lessons?

“I’ve always sung and didn’t have any training.  I wanted to improve. I am at a place where I have time for it, and when my wife died it gave me the opportunity to express grief.  Now it also gives the the opportunity to express happiness, love, other emotions.  Men don’t have enough outlets for expression of emotion.  This is a good way to do that.”

What is your favorite kind of music?

“America standards, old popular music.”

What should other people know about taking singing lessons?

“That it’s a good growing experience, and forces you to think and practice and improve. Learning experiences are good for one’s brain and adapting to change, because life has changes and does change as you get older.”

Malya Muth teaches students in the Northern Areas of the Puget Sound. You can find out more information about lessons at!

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